Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just As I Am (all 6 verses)

Personally, I’m not satisfied with the traditional invitation song. I think that there are better ways to give people a chance to respond to a message.

But I’d like to hear your thoughts. Here’s a couple of questions: Do you think that the traditional “come down front” invitation song is the best way to let people respond to a sermon? If not, do you have any suggestions as to what might be better?


Matthew said...

There has to be a better way, these days it is a thing to be avoided, not a time of asking for help. Not sure what the new way is, but we need it.

Heidi Nobles said...

The best church home I've had made prayer stations available all during the worship service. (We had one on each side of the auditorium, but I suppose a separate room or table in the back would work, as well.) Each table had at least one volunteer at a time to pray with those who wanted it. The prayer stations were discreet and very popular; people used to go forward for prayer all through and after each service, either in response to the service or just to share unrelated personal needs. It felt very welcoming and natural; a nice alternative to the "invitation" that sometimes feels spectacle-like. I'll be interested in others' thoughts!